Monday, October 13, 2008

"What, I have a Blog?!?"

So, Danielle is over at her worship team co-leader's apartment (a.k.a. cell phone dead zone) and he is looking at his computer and says, "Wait, you have a blog?"
Danielle says, "What, I have a Blog?!?"
He explains, "Uh, yeah, it's pink. You ARE the 'Dani' who commented on my blog, right?"
Danielle, still confused, "ummm, sure. I mean if it's pink, it must be something I made. And I DID comment on your post the other day."

So, in an effort not to waste such pretty pink Web space that came out of nowhere, I'm going to start writing some things.
Okay, so here it goes...

I have no specific theme to my blog, just like my brain. I am one of the most random people you'd ever know, ergo, so will be my blog :) Today, I think I've been thinking a lot about little joys in life that keep you going through the insanely long, rough, complicated, confusing times of life (which, as an overly-emotional, overly-involved, extrovert, I have many of). Today's list of "little things in life" is in no way the end of these thoughts I have. I'm sure many more blog postings will have about this same set-up. But here is a first rough sketch:

It's the Little Things in Life:
  • Sunshine
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Really soft grass (especially when barefoot). Check out Ludwig field at UMD.
  • The way the sun illuminates through my hot pink curtains to make my whole room glow with happiness.
  • Unconditional friendship.
  • Unconditional love.
  • Grace. (Okay, so that's not a little thing. But it's such a small word. Amazing.)
  • People who walk past you and are smiling at seemingly nothing. It's so contagious :-D
  • Instrumental bands. (Check out Explosions in the Sky)
  • When you get an email from someone you weren't expecting and your heart JUMPS in excitement.
  • Feeling needed.
  • Hitting higher notes than you thought you could while singing.
  • Acceptance for who you REALLY are.
  • When things are NOT "easier said than done."
  • A five year old saying "I love YOU more, times one thousand and... THREE!"
  • When you can tell that someone 100% gets you by the eye contact you have with them. Like they're staring into your soul. Ooooo, spooky ;) But still, pretty cool.
  • When God shows you in a small but glaringly obvious way that your plans for your own life are hysterical next to his perfect ones FOR you. This happens too much to give specifics.
  • Laughing so hard you can't breathe.
  • Laying on McKeldin mall while listening to Sigur Rós and the little helicopter leaf thingies come twirling all around you at the apex of the song :) Perfect.
  • $1 CDs.
  • Visits from friends that make you feel like you again.
  • Really cold water when you wake up at 4am needing it badly.
  • Being okay with letting go and having 80's and 90's throwbacks without shame. This happens almost constantly if you're me.
  • People affirming your writing (especially when you're a journalism student).
  • Holding babies against your chest, when they bury their little heads into you and listen to your heartbeat, and then rocking them to sleep. Beautiful.
  • Seeing people, especially couples for some reason, praying over their food in the diner/food court.
  • Being uncontrollably giddy. Or, ummm, at least "above blase," which I am, "95% of the time" as my good buddy Jake JUST told me on AIM. Hmm, excellent to know.
  • Realizing you actually DO know a lot of sign language.
  • Bright pink daisies.

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